Interesting Site Usages

While perusing my site usage today, I found something interesting in my Mac OS usages. Check this out. PPC 10.6.jpg

Look at the very bottom of that chart. PPC 10.6. My first thought was "What is that? Snow leopard is intel only!" Then I remembered something. For the brief moments that we had our PowerPC XServe set up as a leopard server, it reported itself over FTP to be a 10.6 machine, long before 10.6 came out. Even now, with Tiger server, some components report to be 10.5 components. So, whatever google analytics is looking at on these PowerPC XServes, that component is a small part of Snow Leopard. If you see this, it is possible, so don't think someone has made a PPC port of Snow Leopard. It hasn't happened.
All for now!
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Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.