iPad - Why I Won't be Getting One

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Yesterday, as everyone already knows, the iPad came out, to the excitement of millions of people. Now, I'll agree that this device is revolutionary, although I haven't actually laid my hands on one just yet. I decided not to go to the Apple store yesterday to try one out, despite my geek urges to touch the new Apple gadget. I also decided that in this first round of iPad releases, I won't be getting one. For one thing, this fingerprint resistant coating that is supposed to be on the iPad has been reported to be not fingerprint resistant. Also, I do not believe that I will be able to charge the thing on my early MacBook, because the USB ports may not be powered enough. I still think that this is a big mistake by Apple, as the majority of their users are still using these older Macs which may not be able to charge these devices. If I were to be planning to buy one, I would definitely be waiting for the 3G one anyways. And that's not supposed to ship for a while, so there's a major roadblock for me. It also has no camera, which I really want to see in this device. Until then, I probably won't be buying one. I expect a camera in the next iteration of the iPad, so then I may get one. We'll just have to wait and see.

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