Telephone: The Little Softphone that Could

In my everlasting search for the perfect way to use the full potential of Google Voice, I have stumbled across several solutions to make free VoIP calls from my Mac. I had stumbled upon Gizmo, which is still what I use for this purpose. However, I today stumbled across a new frontend for Gizmo that makes the whole experience that much better.


Enter Telephone, a little SIP Softphone that can connect to basically any kind of SIP service. Sipgate, Gizmo, whatever you may have this app can connect to it. Currently, I have it connected to my Gizmo account, which links to Google Voice. Now as most of my readers probably already know, Google has purchased Gizmo and has shut down sign ups. So unless you were fortunate enough to get a Gizmo account before the shut down, this post probably won't do much but to make you jealous. 
Anyways, back to the point. When you open this app, all you see is a very simple window asking you for a SIP 
server, a username, and a password. Once you enter that, it 


signs you in to the account and allows you to make and receive calls. The application links in with your Mac OS Address book contacts, and allows you to call any of 
them. But, if you use it to link to Gizmo and Google Voice, then you can have google call you and it will send a Growl notification from the background alerting you to the call. 


If you click on the Growl notification, it goes to the application and presents you with this window, that asks you whether you want to accept or decline the call. In all very simple. And the best part, it uses about 13 mb of ram while sitting in the background. That's how a softphone should be. No bells and whistles, just let me talk.
All for Now!
Note: Although as of today Google Voice is open to the public, Gizmo5 Signups are still closed. Sorry!
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Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.