Windows 7: Not Real Enough for My Laptop

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Today, when starting up my Windows 7 VM to perform routine updates and installations, I came across this little notification in the right corner of my screen letting me know ever so kindly that "My copy of windows is not genuine". Well as you can imagine, I was not pleased. I see this and think I might have a virus or something, but Kaspersky told me that I in fact didn't. After working for a little while, a little notification popped up and told me that 'My copy of windows is not genuine' and 'I may be the victim of Software Counterfeiting'. Great. So I follow its instructions, and come to the conclusion that my copy of Windows is no longer activated. 

Let me say this right now that my copy of Windows was in fact activated for 4 months before this little notification reared it's head, and I had activated quite successfully before. So what had changed? Who knows. 
I proceeded to do the phone activation and got my computer re-activated. I for one would like to find out what went on. Did Microsoft suddenly decide that my computer wasn't real enough to run its software? Or that windows wasn't real enough to run on my laptop? I'd like to think the latter was more true. Still, I think Microsoft should look in to this as this also happened to me on XP. 
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