Don't try this at home. I mean it.

Yesterday, I thought it might be a good time to give my MT5 blog a much needed refresh. I installed a new theme into the blog system, and switched over. Well when I went to publish this new layout i encountered publishing errors, and so decided to go back to the old theme. That published just fine, but to my horror when I went to view my page everything custom that I had installed was gone. My ads, twitter button, toolbar, everything. I immediately began the long and laborious process of installing everything again, only to discover that since i had built everything in MT4 that all of the components I was editing had moved to a different place. I spent the greater part of last night and today finding everything again, and installing everything I thought i had. As of right now it is back up and fully operational, although i still feel as if I'm missing something. If there's anything I am missing that you as loyal readers remember being there, please let me know. I want to have everything back, and I can't remember what is missing so please help me out.

My message to all you MTers out there who would like to give their blogs a refresh: BACKUP EVERYTHING!! I can't stress that enough. Make sure everything in your system is backed up as to not end up like me. You will thank yourself afterwords.

All for now!

Arthur Lockman is a .NET Core and web developer based in Massachusetts. He's also an amateur photographer specializing in Walt Disney World and small events photography.