The Apple Repair Team Strikes Back!

100_4471.JPGEveryone who has been reading my blog today will know that I this morning sent my Macbook in to the apple store to have the case cracks repaired. Well i am happy to report that this repair was firstly free, and secondly a huge success! My macbook has no more palm rest cracks, though the bottom case is still cracked. That's mostly because i neglected to tell the repair guys that it was cracked in the first place. But other than that it was a fabulous repair. The ended up replacing both the keyboard assembly and the entire bevel for the screen. Which, so far as i can tell, included a new iSight camera for my computer. And on top of this all, having the keyboard be the right shape seems to bave bent my Macbook back into shape and allowed me to use my CD drive once again. That is fabulous, and was completely worth the time I was without my mac. And as you can see by the picture, the case is crack free, which is what i wanted in the end.

In the end I highly recommend that anyone with a 'cracbook' take it in and get it repaired; it is completely worth your time.
All for now!
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Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.