As the phone Dies...

Phone is Dead.jpgSo, as everyone hopefully say in my post yesterday about my tracfone having problems registering itself on the network, I decided that I would get to the bottom of the problem today. I called tech support this morning, was on hold for all of 2 minutes, gave them my information, and was put on hold yet again so that my representative could contact another department. Well, I thought that they would actually be able to fix my phone. But oh no, a few minutes later I was informed that I had to buy a new phone as my phone has a problem. Well i can't say i'm surprised, my phone has had tons of problems. But never network problems. Like not being able to connect. So i guess this means i might be finally switching to ATT some time in the future. After all, I gotta have a phone of some kind. 

All for Now!
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Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.