As the phone fails..

Tracfone isn't active.jpgLast January, i bought myself a new tracfone. Since then, i haven't really been having problems with the service on that phone except for the occasional call drop or dead zone. Other than that i've been satisfied with their service. However, last night my phone decided that the SIM in the phone was no longer registered with the network. I can't make calls, send texts, anything. Everything just fails. So, thinking that i could get the phone reactivated, i called tracfone and asked what the deal was. I was on the phone with them for maybe 20 minutes when I was notified that the department that can handle my call is not in for work on sundays. Great. So here i sit with a completely non functional phone that i can't add minutes to, send texts from, reactivate, do anything. I will call them back tomorrow and see if i can get my phone reactivated. If not, i probably will be finally making the jump and switching to AT&T. 

All for now!
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Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.