Oracle Acquisitions: Who's next?

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Recently, Stephen Jannise over at ERP Software Advice  wrote an interesting blog entry on who the software giant Oracle will absorb next. He expresses his opinions that Oracle will looks towards many different software companies, such as TIBCO, Sungard, and RIM. Of course, Oracle will be looking towards many different new software companies to acquire in the future. However I'd like to propose something different. Being new to the field of corporate merger analysis, I really don't know much about what I am talking about so bear with me. I believe that Oracle will now look towards more electronics manufacturing companies. They own Java now, and several other database and enterprise level softwares. Wouldn't it be great if Oracle owned a company like HP who could manufacture specialized servers for them? I think that would make sense. Whether or not they actually end up buying a manufacturing company is questionable, so don't hold what I said as law. 

In any case, pop on over to Software Advice and post your ideas in their survey that they are holding on the topic and let everyone know what you think.
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