FIRST 2011 Season Kickoff

Well, it has begun again. The 2011 Season of FIRST Robotics has begun. As of today, several thousand teams from around the world have begun work on their new robot, which will play the game that has been called Logomotion. The official game animation video can be found below:

This, to me, looks like a fantastic challenge. I'm really excited to see what my team, the Northern Force, and some of the other teams we compete against, have come up with. Throughout the build season, which lasts until the beginning of March, I will periodically post an update on how we're doing, and occasionally even a little video treat!

If you don't know what FIRST robotics is, head on over to their website to find out a little more about the program. (As I am posting this, the website is having some serious bandwidth issues, so you may have to hold on for a little while before the site works)

All for Now!

Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.