I've moved!

Today, I made the jump to Wordpress. I decided that, rather than to replace my existing MT blog with a whole new one and go through the hassle of getting that set up all over again, I decided to switch to something completely new. That was Wordpress.

Already, i am extremely impressed with the whole thing. Right from the get go, it was fast, and efficient, and beautiful. I installed plugins using the automatic installer, got my themes up and running, imported my old blog, and was rolling within 20 minutes of uploading Wordpress. With MT, that is impossible. It takes several hours, days sometimes, to get an MT site working in the same way as with WP.

Needless to say, i'm extremely pleased with the whole ordeal. I love my new blog, with all of its capabilities. The old blog is still there, however it won't be updated or maintained.

Enjoy this new site, and everything it will come to offer!

All for Now!

Arthur Rosa is an engineering manager based in Sunnyvale, California.